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F l y    f i s h i n g     g u i d e s 

  c h a r t e r s    &    s h o p

Fish Slam Club



The Fish Slam Club put new fun into your favorite pastime!

Currently we are focusing on trout and salmon, so it doesn't matter where you live you can participate in the slams.



Utah 7 Trout Slam

Wyoming Cuthroat Salm



5 species of salmon




“Once I decide to get a slam it added a whole new level of intensity to my fishing.  It also broadened my view of where and when to fish.  It got me out of the rut of fishing the same streams the same ole' way!  Join the Fish Slam Club you'll be glad you did.”

                                                  Lindsay P.

“I found new friends all over the world when I joined the Fish Slam Club.  I have fishing buddies from Alaska to Floria.”

                                                    Vern S.



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